Hello and Welcome to I See a Beautiful Future Online Counselling and Psychotherapy…

Online Counselling sometimes called remote counselling or E-therapy is a way of having Counselling using the Internet to conduct your sessions. Sessions might take place over Skype or through Instant Messenger  or maybe purely through emails, sometimes it’s a combination of all three. I started conducting sessions on-line along side my normal practice in 2011, I found it incredibly useful for those who were housebound due to disability or illness or people who couldn’t get out to attend a session due to being a carer or having a baby. Some people just found the thought of face to face therapy too much and were more comfortable conducting their sessions from the comfort of their own home. Seeing the benefit and also the need for this type of therapy I now solely work on-line. I work with a range of different clients with different presenting issues, specialising in helping people with disabilities, people with low self esteem, new parents looking for support, relationship breakdowns and many other things. Please have a look around the site to see more details on the services I offer, the issues I can help you with, how I work, a little bit about me, how to get in touch and the frequently asked questions. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to talking to you soon,